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Good News for Terrace!

The word gospel literally means “good news” and occurs 93 times in the Bible, exclusively in the New Testament. In Greek, it is the word euaggelion, from which we get our English words evangelistevangel, and evangelical. The gospel is, broadly speaking, the whole of Scripture; more narrowly, the gospel is the good news concerning Christ and the way of salvation!

The key to understanding the gospel is to know why it’s good news. To do that, we must start with the bad news. The Old Testament Law was given to Israel during the time of Moses (Deuteronomy 5:1). The Law can be thought of as a measuring stick, and sin is anything that falls short of “perfect” according to that standard.  Read more…

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Coming to Visit?

First time visitor to Terrace Gospel Hall? Feel free to join us for any of our scheduled meetings & programs. We would love to meet you and get to know you better!  Our schedule of regularly weekly meetings can be viewed here.

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